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Welcome to ALA Consulting Engineers

ALA Consulting Engineers trading as Andrew Lingard & Associates Pty Ltd have had a major influence in the design of building services insofar as allocating considerable and an increasing level of resources to research and development in response to new materials, changing environment, improved technology, market and client expectations.

With this in mind, ALA Consulting Engineers have created systems, ideas & products resulting in cost and time savings and reduced maintenance/operating costs.

ALA Consulting Engineers is aware its Clientele requires responsive quality services and value for money.

The quality and reliability of the Company Services are a concern of every person in the organisation & are not just the sole responsibility of the Managing Director and the Company's Quality Representative. Quality is engineered into all phases of a project and not inspected into the project on completion.

As part of the Company's approach to achieving quality and continuous improvement, ALA Consulting Engineers employs a quality system generally based on Australian Standards.